The second step in upgrading your PC

After you have done all of this and you have decided that you do not need new motherboard, buy the parts on your checklist. Check the prices in several reputable stores and find the best offer. Prices are not the same in every store, so I would advise you to perform a thorough research. When all parts are bought, turn off the PC, remove the battery and disassemble all the parts that need to be replaced. Grab a screwdriver and drive out the screws from the sockets. Be careful when you remove the parts because they are very gentle. Try to insert them in their slots without applying force.

Build your own gamer PC

If you are a game addict and cannot imagine your life without computer games, another solution to your PC upgrade would be to build your own gaming PC. It would be a lot cheaper instead of buying all those expensive computer configurations. This way you will definitely build your own configuration for every game you want to play. If you decide to build your own PC, always choose the most reliable mother board and power supply. These are the key factors that will carry the entire load. RAM and graphics should also be selected to suit the desired gaming requirements.


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